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Did you know that ?

18 janv. 2024

Did you know that our associate Anna Sussarova is not just a Pravolex Lawyers lawyer? Anna hails from Kazakhstan and feels she has a duty to her native country...

These photos were taken at the 30th anniversary gala of the Belgian Consular Union (BCU). This is the association that brings together honorary consuls accredited in Belgium. 🇧🇪 And it was celebrating its 30th anniversary! On this occasion, Anna was appointed administrator. Our colleague is very honored by this title, which is in addition to the one she has held for several years as Honorary Consul for Kazakhstan in Belgium.

What is her role?

It's also the role of the near 200 honorary consuls accredited in Belgium!

1 - Le Soir Magazine calls them "Shadow diplomats". They are players in commercial, cultural, and diplomatic exchanges between the countries they represent and Belgium. Shadow? Because they are not official diplomats, their role is complementary. They support and assist their embassies in their work.

2 - They are responsible for a variety of tasks like assistance to our countries' nationals, facilitating trade, promoting culture and bilateral relations, and sometimes even coordinating delegation visits.

They strengthen the ties between the countries they represent and Belgium. With this publication, Me Anna Sussarova and the entire Pravolex team would like to congratulate honorary consuls accredited in Belgium and Belgian honorary consuls who represent the Kingdom of Belgium abroad! Well done for your dedication and hard work!

Long live the next 30 years!

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