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The Anna family

15 nov. 2023


The stars align our paths,

We are both lawyers,

Both are guided by the same judicial compass...

The name Anna, is synonymous with "grace",


Anna Sussarova is a former trainee, and Anna Kolesnikova, the newcomer to the same law firm, that of Maître Johan LAMBERS,

The threads of destiny gently weave our web.

We're curious and we want to meet, the synergy of languages.

French, Dutch, A drink at Starbucks,

Words flow, laughter flows,

Friendship is on the horizon.

The days fly by,

My internship with Johan comes to an end,

But another chapter opens,

Anna Sussarova was in the office looking for a Dutch speaker,

Anna Kolesnikova was the missing piece of the puzzle.

We meet again under the same professional roof,

Weaving together the threads of international law.

A department is born from our symbiosis.


Boldness carries us forward,

And we open our own firm,

A field for our legal explorations.

December 20, 2023

Five years already,

Five years of law, friendship and success.

The Anna family,

An alliance of grace and law.

Wish us many more years of success and discovery together...

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