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Anna Kolesnikova

Lawyer at the Dutch-speaking Bar of Brussels.

She holds a master's degree in law in Belgium as well as a master's degree in law in Russia.

Anna Kolesnikova is a qualified lawyer from Kuban State University (Russian Federation) and also obtained her law degree with honors from KU Leuven (Belgium).


Anna practiced in the Russian Federation as an in-house lawyer and was head of the legal department of a major private real estate company. Through this position, she developed extensive experience in handling cases before commercial courts. 


She then immigrated to Belgium where, after graduating from the KU Leuven, she joined the Dutch-speaking Bar in Brussels where she has practiced as a lawyer for many years.


Thus, Anna has knowledge and experience not only in Belgian law, but also in Russian law, which enables her to manage complex international projects.


She is a member of the board of directors of the International Association of Russian Speaking Lawyers, which has allowed her to develop a good network around the world to meet the needs of clients for legal support in different countries.


Anna works in Russian, Dutch and English and mainly handles cases in the following areas 

  • Criminal law and procedure (cases with international elements, extradition, Interpol, economic crimes)

  • Immigration (business immigration, family reunification, student visas, nationality, regularization of residence)

  • Family law (divorce, alimony, child custody, adoption, recognition of children, filiation, marriage contracts, international child abduction);

  • Inheritance (international inheritance, management of inheritance disputes)

  • Real estate (purchase, sale, renting of real estate and real rights (easements, emphyteusis etc...)

  • Labor relations (hiring of workers (including foreign workers (expats, border workers etc.)), drafting of contracts, dismissal, management of disputes)

  • Commercial law (commercial contracts, arbitration, trade practices, distribution, debt collection, new technologies, intellectual property rights);

  • Corporate law (incorporation of Belgian and international companies and non-profit associations, Belgian foundations, registration of subsidiaries in Belgium, legal assistance with the authorities, liquidation, bankruptcy)

  • Civil law (contracts, securities, civil and contractual liability)

  • Rolling (legal defense, assistance to victims, damage assessment)

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