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2023 achievements

8 févr. 2024

We survived the crisis of war and developed new markets, open our activities to other regions (central Asia). We're happy to celebrate our 2023 achievements with you! 

  • 20 new businesses & lobbies than we help to open in Europe : Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, Israël and Kazakhstan.

  • 51 succeeded files of business immigration.

  • 12 Extradition files (the clients were not extradited, they were able to stay in Belgium! ).

  • We have received a mountain of INTERPOL and Europol files, for which we check european and international arrest warrants. 

  • New competencies in frozen actives (Euroclear files).

  • 1 new associate, Marike Verlie, who focuses on criminal law.

  • We continued to deal with international families cases in resolution of conflicts (divorces, child kidnapping, child recognition, paternal and maternal filiation).

All in all, our Pravolex Lawyers firm celebrated 27% of increase of files! 

Proud of the whole team! 

What do you wish us for 2024?

Be original! 

We look forward to reading you.

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