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Yesterday was not just another, a special day indeed...

Yesterday was not just another, a special day indeed.

Where Pravolex Lawyers marked its 5th year, an ideal moment to lead.

We, the two Annas, untiring in our task, created our law firm in international law.

Speaking Russian, Dutch, French, and English too, we welcome clients from all around, a horizon's view. Experts in immigration, in cross-border affairs, our expertise shines, like a lighthouse's glares.

In courtrooms and hushed offices, our skills resonate, our expertise strong and respected, we proudly state. Five years of struggles, victories, challenges we've faced, Pravolex, a name now celebrated, globally embraced.

From Alamty to Paris, from Brussels to Moscou, from Monaco to Kyiv, our team, with grace, weaves the links and and untangles the knots... Today we celebrate, with pride and a heartfelt sigh, the journey we've walked, hand in hand.

Five candles on the cake, glimmer in our eyes,

Each tells a story, a wonderful journey .

Pravolex, a crazy dream turned real, a promising future in store,

Yesterday, a day unlike any other, a moment to adore.

Long live to Pravolex Lawyers!

Thanks to the team for this splendid sail, to our clients for their trust and cheers to the next five years, in this grand tale.

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